Kingston Integrative Healing in Kingston  NY


The Kingston Integrative Healing Group: Helps Couples and Individuals


Kristen Harrington MA, LMFT, AIBT

At The Kingston Integrative Healing Group, we help people feel happier and more alive again, in their relationships and within themselves.   Email us for information about our services for individuals ages 21 and older.  

~Feel more mentally sharp, calm, joyful and fully alive.  I use a combination of breakthrough psychotherapy and biofeedback or neurofeedback technology to teach you how to feel more mentally sharp, calm, joyful and fully alive. In psychotherapy you learn to adopt new positive beliefs about yourself and others. Biofeedback and neurofeedback can help, if you choose to use it, by better balancing the brain wavelengths. What is quite amazing about biofeedback and neurofeedback is the client does not have to do anything at all except relax.

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~Relieve Your Pain, Naturally, with Infrared Light Therapy.   A few minutes of FDA approved Infrared Light, applied safely, quickly and easily, will relieve many painful symptoms.