The Kingston Integrative Healing Group: Helps Couples and Individuals

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Things are going really well for me and my partner. You really helped me a lot. We have made quite a bit of headway. We have so much more passion in our relationship.  Thanks, Kristen!

-- 35 year old woman in Kingston, NY 



(For high anxiety)

After having my first treatment, I began to feel at peace. I was amazed to find that for the first time in years I actually enjoyed being driven in a car.  I was so relaxed, instead of gripping the edge of the seat. I felt so at peace with myself. The City skyline was so beautiful. I never once thought about “what if” or that I was suddenly going to crash and die a horrible death. I felt almost a ‘high’.” I continue to feel good.
—Nicole, mother of five and business owner

(For Head Injury) 


 am a nurse in a high stress job and thought I might never go back when I fainted and hit my head on the concrete.  My MRI showed a head injury which contained a fractured skull with bleeding in my brain.  I was so injured; I had to be home for eight weeks to recuperate.  I went back on light duty for another six weeks.  Before my head injury, I was full of energy, had a phenomenal memory and kept my emotions under control.  After the injury I was incredibly tired all the time, was irritable, impulsive (shoot off at the mouth), and had difficulty remembering things.  Neurofeedback helped me to regain my energy, regain my positive attitude and disposition, improved my memory, and helped me to think before I spoke.  I was able to return to work full time. 


  ---  Cathy, a nurse 



After having infrared light therapy on my back, I can stand at work again. I’m thrilled!
— Operating Room Nurse



 Now that I have learned Biofeedback, I no longer lose my temper with my husband.  I have saved my marriage!

----  Mary, wife and teacher