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Calm down, think more clearly and feel happier using biofeedback. Kris trains you to use simple, cutting-edge technology from the HeartMath Institute. Learn the skills in the office, use them at home. A few simple sessions can powerfully transform your life.

“The HeartMath approach could save you years of therapy."
------Deepak Chopra, MD


Frustration and Appreciation
produce different heart rhythmns



Learn to relax with biofeedback!
Use this simple method for creating more harmony in your heart. Breathe in focusing on your heart and breathe out focusing on your solar plexus (which is the area about 4 inches below your heart and your sternum, the place where the left and right sides of your rib cage meet.) As you breathe in, focus on your heart and think about something your appreciate. As you breathe out, focus on your solar plexus and think of another positive emotion. Continue for about thirty seconds and do this five times a day. You will notice positive results. People who do this wearing a biofeedback monitor would see a clear convergence (or working in harmony) of their heartís nervous system, as indicated by smooth, even, rhythmic waves on the read out.

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HeartMath biofeedback
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