Me class since it discusses the different

Me Before You


movie that I picked is called “Me before You”, a movie that reflects
about romance, but also about what kind of job you are willing to risk taking
in order to feed your family. This movie can be related to the Organizational
Behavior, which means the study of individual behavior and group dynamics in
organizations (3).  This movie includes
some terms learned in class since it discusses the different types of jobs. In
the movie, they showed the two kinds of jobs that Lou Clark was doing and
adding her career choice. Clark was fired from her cafeteria Job ” The
Buttered Bun Tea Shop” that she worked for about six years. She was
content with her Job and was a great employee, but unfortunately, the owner had
to fire her since they were running out of business, and she went home with the
disappointing news. Her family was worried since she was the one helping the
family to get out of their economic problems. She needed to find any job as
soon as possible and decided to search for a new one at the Job Centre. Clark
went to this new adventure of helping a person that had a terrible bad

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she was interviewing with the lady she was not as professional as she should
have been. She was nervous during the interview, and at one point answered,
“When I am nervous I say stupid stuff” (Clark). Professionally
speaking, this was not a good comment to say, but still, the person hiring her
was looking for somebody like that to cheer up her son. Lou Clark was
charismatic and also was a positive person that would be able to help Will with
his unfortunate situation. Also, she applied her skills learned from the
cafeteria Tea Shop and added some sweetness to this family by serving a cup of
tea. Tea is important because she refers to it in the movie, “You know
there really isn’t much that can’t be solved by a decent cup of tea”
(Clark). Even though she was not good during interviews, she was a great worker
who showed with the time that she was the right one for this job, plus her
humbleness made her so special. According to the movie, four people already
worked with “Traynor’s Family”. The workers before Clark quit easily
since Will Traynor was a very complicated person to work with. Lou Clark has a
lot of potential in her hands, as having a personality hardiness characterized
by commitment, control, and challenge and, hence, resistant to distress. Also
as a self-reliance person, who is confident, enthusiastic and persistent in
facing a challenge (111-112). All of these showed how she was great in coping
with the new job situation.


movie is all based on Will Traynor and also in how powerful he was with his
parents’ money, but the accident turned all his plans upside down. Will Traynor
around thirty-five years old who became a quadriplegic after being hit by a
motorbike. He is intelligent and wealthy, but his impairment has left him
moody, grumpy, and unhappy (Wikipedia). Traynor life is based on what he feels,
rather on paying attention to how other people around him feel. He definitely
had a huge change of life after his accident and all his money will not make him
turn back into whom he was. “Will, the former Master of the Universe whose
large, adventurous life is changed it after a motorcycle accident leaves him
quadriplegic” (Entertainment). Will was very upset thinking how much he
became dependent on other people, and also how he will not be able to work in
his dad’s company. As the movie goes on, his ex-fiancé also surprised him with
the news of her new marriage. Alicia, his ex-fiancé, said something that caught
my attention, ” You cannot help somebody if they do not want to help
themselves”(Alicia). This is true, but also with patience and love you can
change a person as well, the same way Lou did with Will.


Traynor, the guy in the wheelchair, made Clark Lou feel upset about her.

According to Organizational Behavior, this can be a stressor for Clark, since
she would feel anxious to get back to work every day. But as the movie goes on,
he even told her, “You are pretty much the only thing that makes me wanna
get up in the morning” Traynor. This makes sense since the girl’s positive
attitude helped a lot with his change of mood and thinking. She struggled a lot
getting ready for the job, but she was amazed at how much she learned. I think
Clark ended up realizing that money did not make her happy, instead she fell in
love with the guy. She was unable to change her job’s situation; she had to
adjust herself to this new environment and learned a lot about people who are
willing to put you down. These people are generally not happy about their own
lives. Will learned that he needed Lou and she learned that she needed him as
well. Also, the movie showed information communication technology (ICT), which
in the movie Lou used Skype to communicate with her sister. This showed how
fast nowadays you could get access to people, without the need of them to be in
the exact place that you are. This video chat helped Clark to get advice from
her sister who helped her decide what to do while working with Will. Also,
Traynor’s doctor was super helpful with Clark, he as a professional was in
charge of Will injuries while talking to Clark he answered, “You are not
here for any physical needs, I think you are here for cheering him
up”(Doctor). Clark and the Doctor as a team had an important task, they
both had to work hard for making Will emotionally and physically stable.


             On the other hand, another character in the
movie to add is Patrick, Clark’s boyfriend who seemed to want to be a leader in
Clark’s life, but he seemed to be not aware that he was selfish and was not
willing to help Lou to grow as a person. You need people to push you up, no
just talk about themselves all the time. Even though Patrick seemed to love
Clark very much, he did not support her goals. He was too immersed in himself.

While in the movie Patrick seemed to show how he wanted her to be just like
him, also as Organizational Behavior some people can be a sheep and they say
yes pretty much all the time, but Clark definitely showed that she was not a
person to be controlled by others all the time. Traynor was also trying to
control her, but she was an effective follower, who practices self-management
and self-responsibility. She is not self-centered or self-aggrandized (201). In
the movie, while she was working with him she stopped him, ” I am here
hired by your mother, not by you” (Clark). Which makes sense since she was
hired to make him happy and she was doing her job as best as she could. With
time Will became more important for Clark, he showed her that he cared about
her, also he stopped being mean to her. This was the difference between these
two guys, which means Will was more caring than Patrick. When it was Clark’s
birthday party, Will met her family and decided to help her by giving Clark’s
dad a job on the castle that he owned. The job offered it to his parent helped
her a lot for be more independent. She was now able to work towards her own
purpose and well-being.


the end, Will Traynor was a good influence on Lou’s career. He wrote
instructions for her to realize her dreams; he knew she was capable of doing
more of what she was doing already. He made her believe in her career choice as
a stylist. She was always conscious of it, but also as her family’s economic
concerns grew, she could not spread her wings until he did help her in that
sense. Of course it is fiction as for how he gave her a good amount of money,
but still, this movie focuses on what means hard work and also any job can
build you as a better person and as a human being. Clark through the process
studied more about disabled people, and she was not qualified for this kind of
job, but she was willing to learn and went far beyond. In the movie they showed
Lou Clark as an educated individual, she was beyond of been rich, but she was
rich in knowledge.


movie is a romantic comedy, which also ended up with a sad and happy moment. He
decided to pursue euthanasia; in addition of what we study in OB, which means
Traynor had to make a decision and she was strong enough to accept it, the
decision can relate it to also a cost of money and emotions. He was suffering
from pain; also he wanted his family to stop treatment, as saving them
emotional feelings. At the end, he died, but he left her with a great life
lesson, and with a lot of strength for her to continue her life. I love the
last scene while she ended up in this dreamy Paris coffee place with a lot of
enthusiasm to get her dream job satisfaction. There was some of the
Organizational Behavior as psychology and also as what we learned in class,
which focused on the different behaviors of people. Everyone is different and
has their own attitude about what is important in their lives, also as working
as a team or individually.


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